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Wellness NCU

At least 50% of health depends on lifestyle, that is, our daily habits and leisure choices. A key element of a healthy lifestyle is systematic physical activity of at least 150 minutes a week. Movement is a stimulus that triggers highly beneficial changes in the muscles, bones, joints, circulatory system, respiratory system and metabolism. It is a source of physical well-being, freedom of movement, everyday energy and satisfaction with the body. It is also among the strongest stimuli that cause positive reactions in the nervous system, which are manifested in a sense of vitality, willingness to act, optimism and joy, but also calmness. All these qualities of health are united by one word – Wellness.

The NCU Wellness Program prepared by the University Sports Centre is dedicated to employees and their families, retired employees, students and doctoral students. We have prepared an offer of activities where you will be able to play, play, exercise, but also learn new forms of movement or improve sports skills under the guidance of specialists from our Center.

As part of relaxation, we will soon invite you to the sauna complex (Finnish, steam and infrared) and relaxation baths in whirlpools, and in the near future to the cryosauna. As part of the Program, our staff will be at the participants’ disposal, as well as sports game rooms, a swimming pool, a gym, a soccer field, tennis courts and a sand court during open classes.

Regulations of the NCU Wellness Program