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ul. Św. Józefa 17, 87-100 Toruń
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The University aims to create conditions for the sustainable development of students, it is a center supporting the balanced, comprehensive development of the personality, creativity and sensitivity of the academic community by shaping the habits of systematic physical activity; participation in academic sport; development and dissemination of physical culture and sport in the academic environment. This objective will be implemented by, among others, extending the centrally created offer of physical education classes; dissemination of the idea of ​​volunteering and other forms of activity of the academic community.
UMK in Toruń is a modern sports infrastructure at ul. St. Józefa 17 with indoor swimming pool (8 tracks 25 m), recreational pool, biological regeneration (steam sauna), sports hall (multifunctional, three-sector, playgrounds for handball, volleyball, badminton, basketball, futsal), gym, a fitness room and at ul. Gagarina 35 with a martial arts room; a fitness room, a table tennis room and team games. The location of the university campus, directly adjacent to the extensive green areas, gives excellent conditions for endurance sports training – Nordic walking, running, field athletics, cycling.
The University’s infrastructure potential and experienced, qualified teaching staff of the University Sports Center allow to create a wide range of physical education classes addressed to students of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Students of the University of Toruń can take part in many forms of physical education classes, including: aerobic women, aerobic shape, women’s step aerobic, aikido, aqua fitness, badminton, fat burning, fitness fitball, judo, nordic – walking of women and men, women’s pilates, women’s basketball, men’s basketball, women’s indoor football, men’s indoor football, women’s volleyball, men’s volleyball, swimming, gym women, men gym, stretching + yoga, stretching + flat stomach, table tennis, training functional, climbing, healthy spine, Zumba.
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Especially for our students, we organize the Inter-faculty Olympics Copernicada, in which individual faculties of the university compete with each other. During the games students and staff of the University compete in 12 competitions: badminton, rowing ergometer, men’s futsal, judo – ground floor, men’s basketball, football, swimming, women’s volleyball, men’s volleyball, volleyball, chess.
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Fansal lovers have the opportunity to compete in the indoor football league organized by the Student Government. This form of competition from more than twenty editions is very popular among students, similarly to the annual Juwenalia for sports.