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ul. Św. Józefa 17, 87-100 Toruń
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University Sports Center Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

The  Center fosters the development of physical activity by taking strategic steps to support the sustainable development of the academic community in the field of physical activity and academic sports.

The most essential activities of the Center involve:

  • creating favourable conditions for the development of physical culture and sport among students,
  • promoting physical culture in the academic environment,
  • organising sports events,
  • inspiring various forms of active recreation in the academic environment,
  • enhancing didactic process in the field of physical education,
  • initiating the development of a material base for sports and recreation,
  • participating actively in local and regional communities.

With respect to educational activities, the Center organizes and runs physical education courses as covered by the higher education curriculum. The Center:

  • organises and conducts classes of student sports sections,
  • organises and conducts tournaments, competitions, intra-university leagues, academic and student league games at the regional, national and international levels,
  • provides sports facilities to part-time students within the scope of individual recreation covered by the educational offer,
  • organises and runs additional extra paid sports activities,
  • cooperates with the Akademicki Związek Sportowy (AZS; University Sports Association,) clubs and sports organizations, Polish and international sports associations and other organizations and entities operating in the field of physical culture and sports.

The University Sports Center has an excellent sports infrastructure, including:

  • a 25-metre indoor swimming pool – 8 lines,
  • a multi-functional sports hall,
  • a martial arts room,
  • fitness rooms,
  • the gym,
  • a conference room.

In 2020, the extension of the Center will be completed. There will be:

  • a multi-functional sports hall,
  • a full-size football pitch certified by FIFA,
  • tennis courts,
  • a multi-functional field for beach games,
  • wellness,
  • laboratory of physical exertion,
  • sport rehabilitation center.