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Mirosław Ziętarski - European Champion, Zillmann’s Crew in 4th place

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photo: PZTW

Five Polish crews competed in the finals of the European Rowing Championships held in Luzern on Sunday (02/06/2019). In the two crews there were students-athletes from our University: Katarzyna Zillmann and Mirosław Ziętarski. Mirosław Ziętarski, the NCU AZS Toruń contestant, together with Fabian Barański won the gold medal of the championships.

The Polish double two Mirosław Ziętarski and Fabian Barański finished with the time of 6: 13.51 seconds, and they overtook the Swiss two Barnabe Delara and Roman Roeoesli by 0.09 seconds. Romanians Ioan Prundeanu and Marian-Florian Enache (6: 13.96)  came third in the race. Our rowers were third after the first 500 meters and then in the middle of the distance they took the lead and did not give it to the finish line. The dual career program participant, student Mirosław Ziętarski is a titled competitor: previously he won the medals of the World and European Championships in with Mateusz Biskup. This year's success is the result of cooperation with Fabian Barański, last year's Junior European Vice Champion.

Commentators were surprised by  the fourth place in the women's double fours of Agnieszka Kobus-Zawojska, Maria Springwald, Marta Wieliczko and Katarzyna Zillmann. Germans came first (06.16.69), before the Dutch (06: 17.08) and Ukrainians (06. 18.82).

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