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Our rowers on the podium

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photo: Julia Kowacic

The NCU rowers Katarzyna Zillman and Mirosław Ziętarski stood on the podium of the III World Cup, which took place on July 13th-15th in Lucerne (Switzerland).

Zillman and Ziętarski belong to the most titled student athletes from the Nicolaus Copernicus University. Ziętarski, a student of national security, won the title of the world runner-up and European runner-up and took fourth place in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Zillman, a student of tourism and recreation and environmental protection, was the world runner up last year.

In this year’s World Cup Mirosław Ziętarski together with Mateusz Biskup won in double twos. They were promoted to the final with the third time among all those taking part. In the victorious rowing race, they finished phenomenally, and scored 6: 18.86. The second place was taken by Germany (6: 19.80), and the bronze fell to the Swiss (6: 20.15).

The crew of Agnieszka Kobus-Zawojska, Marta Wieliczko, Maria Springwald, Katarzyna Zillmann won the silver medal in the double fours. In the decisive race, Polish rowers took up the second position from the very beginning. They crossed the finish line with the time 6: 29.28, only giving way to the Germans (6: 27.28). The third place went to the Dutch team (6: 31.04).

Robert Fuchs, astudent of sport and wellness at the Nicolaus Copernicus University appeared in the B final of men’s eights with a helmsman. He was in a crew with Mateusz Wilangowski, Zbigniew Schodowski, Ryszard Ablewski, Piotr Juszczak, Marcin Brzezinski, Michał Szpakowski, Mikołaj Burda and Daniel Trojanowski. They scored 5: 41.87, and took the second place in this competition.

The NCU rowers are now preparing for two important events: the European Championships in Glasgow (August 2-5) and the World Championships in Plovdiv (September 9-16).

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