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Nicolaus Copernicus University Dual Career Program

What is a Dual Career Program?

The aim of the Program is to provide athletes with the best conditions for developing their sports careers and academic education.
The Program provides a flexible approach to studying, and above all, it supports proper management and planning of a sporting career harmoniously combined with university education.
We want the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń to become a natural choice for the talented youth not only in the sphere of education, but also in the sphere of sports.

Who is the Program is for?

  • young people aware of the role of sport and academic education in their lives,
  • people who are determined for the best results both in sports and academic education,
  • those who believe work and engagement give great results in sports and academic education!

What does the University offer to student athletes as part of the Program?

  • Recruitment:
    • if you have international or national sports achievements in Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines, you will receive the maximum number of points in the qualification process for particular fields of study,
    • if you meet the above criteria, you will be exempt from the recruitment fee,
    • there is a list of preferential fields of study which offer flexible combination of academic education and a sports career.
  • While studying, you are offered:
    • an individual study plan,
    • educational and scientific care at the faculty leading the selected field of study,
    • sports tutoring,
    • special sport leave – short and long-term,
    • rich social offer for the most outstanding athletes in the form of Rector’s scholarships and occasional awards as well as exemption from tuition fees for studying,
    • access to the facilities of the University Sports Center.

Where can you train?

  • There are 26 sports sections at the University Sports Club.
  • In the best sports clubs in the city of Toruń.

As part of the Dual Career Program, the University cooperates with sports clubs which achieve the highest results both in Poland and Europe.