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About us

The mission of the University in the field of physical activity is expressed in the ancient maxim: mens sana in corpore sano. The University is a center supporting the balanced, comprehensive development of the personality, creativity and sensitivity of the academic community by shaping the habits of undertaking constant, systematic physical activity and thus creating friendly and effective internal and external relations and an imitative pro-health organizational culture.

The University Sports Center implements the vision of the development of the University’s physical activity through strategic activities undertaken in the area of ​​supporting the sustainable development of the university community in the field of physical activity and academic sports.

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The University Sports Center (fot. A. Romański)


The main tasks of the Center include:

  • creating conditions for the development of students’ physical culture and sports,
  • improving the didactic process in the field of physical education,
  • promoting physical culture in the academic environment,
  • organizing academic sports activities,
  • inspiring various forms of active recreation in the academic environment,
  • initiating the development of a material base for sport and recreation,
  • acting for the benefit of local and regional communities.

In the scope of the didactic activity of the Center:

  • organizes and conducts physical education classes included in the higher education program,

In terms of the sports activities of the Center:

  • organizes and conducts classes for student sports sections,
  • organizes and runs tournaments, competitions, intra-university leagues, academic and student league games at the national, regional and international level,
  • provides sports facilities to part-time students as part of individual recreation included in the didactic offer,
  • organizes and conducts additional paid sports activities,
  • cooperates with the Academic Sports Association, AZS Environmental Organization, sports clubs and organizations, Polish and international sports associations and other units and
  • organizations operating in the field of physical culture and sports.

In the scope of the commercial activities of the Center:

  • organizes sports and recreational events,
  • makes sports facilities available to students and employees of the University on the terms specified in the regulations for using the facilities of the Center,
  • provides sports facilities for a fee to other entities on the terms set out in the regulations for using the Center facilities.